International Relocation To Atlanta

International Atlanta Plane Over GeorgiaInternational moves can be challenges for families moving to a new country. As an international transferee myself, I understand what it is like because I went through all of the ups and downs. I know how it feels to uproot your family and leave a home you love to move to a new country where it seems everyone has to start over. I love helping make this transition a positive experience with a very hands-on approach to working with my clients. It is important for me to get to know each of the members in the family. Find out what they loved about their former home and help them find a little of that same essence here in Atlanta. We are lucky to be a cosmopolitan city while continuing to be a welcoming and friendly city.

_uuCghy5WVcG9K7KCHAHLEsMFjFN-ojAMPc1qkV1YD4-2In addition to helping you find and purchase the right home in Atlanta, I can assist you with:
– Assistance in finding a great match for schools for your children in either public or private schools
– Translators who speak your native language
– Tutors for learning English as a second language
– Orientation to restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, and cultural activities that will remind you of your roots
– Assistance with getting Social security cards
– Help getting your Driver’s license and an automobile
– Banking assistance for transfer of funds
– Purchase or rental of furniture, cars, etc.
– Orientation to the Atlanta area